Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Magazine Style Drop Caps

Dropcaps like in a fancy magazine is what you see in this post. If you like this tip, just follow this guide step by step.

Go to Design | Edit HTML in your Blogger Dashboard, and then paste the code below to your CSS-definitions between the HEAD tag.

Now in every of your posts, you need to put the fisrt letter between the tag SPAN like this: <span class="dropcaps">D</span> in Edit HTML section. The result is very nice: a large capital that stretches over 5 lines in your post.

Remember that you can change the font size bigger or smaller or setting the color in different from the code above if you want.

* Tips: To make it easier, Post Template will help you save your time by pre-formatting the post editor with text or code that will appear each time you create a new post.
  • In your Blogger Dashboard, go to Settings | Formatting then scroll down and you'll see the Post Template section at below of the page.
  • Copy/paste your text or code that you want to edit here.
  • Click Save Settings to save your changes.
Here is an example for Dropcaps hack in this article:


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