Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to Backup / Restore your Blogger Template

Your Blogger blog is stylized based on a blog template that you have full access to. This blog template allows you to manipulate the visual appearance of your Blogger blog and gives you the freedom to create a unique personal brand by using the Edit HTML mode in Design tab. When you decide to enhance your Blogger blog by editing the template you will have to backup your blog template first to ensure you have a restore file in case you make a mistake in the editing process. This step-by-step guide will show you how.
  • From your Blogger Dashboard, go to Design | Edit HTML.
  • To backup your blog template,  click the link "Download Full Template" under the "Backup / Restore Template" pane. Choose the option to save your template file from the next dialog that pops up. Browse to the location you want to save it and click Save. The template will be downloaded to the specified location. It's a small XML file and has all the details of your current template.
  • To restore your blog template, just click the Browse button and browse to the downloaded template file then click Open. Click Upload button and Blogger will restore your template.

* Make sure to backup your blog template everytime you want to edit it in Edit HTML mode.

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