Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making Custom Templates Compatible With Pages Tabs

If you are familiar with HTML and want Pages as tabs, follow these steps carefully (caution - this is not for the faint of heart!):
  1. Make sure the Pages Widget hasn't already been added, if so, remove the widget
  2. Go to the Design | Edit HTML tab for your blog
  3. Download a backup of your template by clicking Download Full Template
  4. Click the checkbox next to Expand Widget Templates
  5. Look for the following three lines of HTML. If this HTML exists, change showaddelement='no' to showaddelement='yes'
    <div id='crosscol-wrapper' style='text-align:center'>
    <b:section class='crosscol' id='crosscol' showaddelement='no'/>
  6. If this HTML does not exist, paste the following lines of HTML where you want the tabs to appear (for instance, after <div id="content-wrapper">)
    <div id='crosscol-wrapper' style='text-align:center'>
    <b:section class='crosscol' id='crosscol' showaddelement='yes'/>
  7. Confirm tabs are correctly added, click Save Template
  8. Go to Design | Page Elements and look for the new horizontal Gadget area and add the Pages gadget there.
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